Chris O'Meara - Director of Restaurant Practice

With over 25 years of project experience in the food-service industry, our firm appreciates the dynamic market demands and internal needs of diverse commercial and institutional clients. Today’s hypercompetitive hospitality environment requires continual attention to all aspects of the business. Our consulting services are targeted to help owner-operators streamline operations and develop menu and concept ideas.


Our unique chef-architect service team, headed by Christopher O’Meara, is best-suited to provide the assistance required with the analysis of the project concept, menu, location, and target-market concerns. Creating the proper flow patterns from front to back of the house, providing adequate storage in appropriate locations, or maximizing employee’s efficiency are but a few examples of the professional care and focus we contribute to the ultimate profitability of your business.

Whether you may be considering an existing operation in need of upgrading, or contemplating starting a new establishment, we work with you to refine and develop your conceptual vision and facilitate its implementation. We do so by working closely with you within the real parameters of your site and budget.

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