Little Dalton Library
New York, NY

Expressive Helen Parkhurst’s seminal, pedagogical program of the 1920’s, The Dalton Plan, books provide young students a prime opportunity for creative freedom combined with academic discipline. This library is a mainstay of early academic life at ‘Little Dalton’, the First Program, where levels K-3 are taught according to this integrated educational program.


The library plan organizes teaching areas, librarian stations and book stacks with economy. Librarians are situated centrally to greet visitors and to see throughout. The main reading room, looking north into a quiet residential block, enjoys diffused natural light and the audio-visual capacity of a classroom; at the other end, a secluded story-area overlooks the street. At the center, a room-dividing panel offers privacy at student computer stations in Dalton’s signature blue.

CLIENT: The Dalton School

AREA: 2,500 sf

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kevin Chu + Jessica Paul Photography

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